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Kanger KBOX Mini MOD White
  • Kanger KBOX Mini MOD White

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Kanger KBOX Mini MOD White

50W Kanger Kbox mini 18650 VW MOD, shares the same external mod appearance with Kanger Subox, another sexy looks product from Kangertech. The red wattage adjustment buttons enable you to adjust exact 0.1W increment among 7W - 50W, making you slightly different flavor difference. The Kanger 18650 mod runs with 18650 lithium battery 3.7V (must discharge over 20A).

1. Short circuit protection: Once activated, OLED would flash and display0.0
2. Cell reverse protection: in case you place a battery backwards which leads to reduce the lifetime of the cell
3. Passthrough function: you can vape and charge Kanger 50w simultaneously
4. PCB(Protection Circut Module) over-temperature protection: the battery would stop functioning once the real time temperature is beyond the default one you set and OLED displays Temp High
5. 10s overtime usage protection: to protect the coil unit and prolong its lifetime, the battery stops functioning when you vape above 10 seconds in one time.
6. Cell capacity protection: when cell capacity drops too low, cell indicator will flash and remind you of charging.

Turn on/off: 5 quick clicks to switch on/off the Kbox. After switching, it shows Kangertech at stand by mode.
Wattage adjustment: press button + or - to adjust the wattage output with 0.1W increment among 7W - 50W, the max output wattage of Kanger 50w Mod. is 50w.
Charging: plug in the Micro USB cord to charge the cell. OLED display charging state. Once fully charge, the OLED will turn off.
Orientation display: pressing + and - together, user can change orientation display of this Kbox mod.